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'Map', 'web' => 'Website', 'news' => 'News', 'exit' => 'Exit', 'gts-my-devices' => 'My devices', 'daily_odo' => 'Daily mileage', 'your_request' => 'Support', 'chpassok' => 'Password was successfully changed', 'wrongpass' => 'Wrong password', 'alias' => 'Nic / comment', 'username' => 'Name', 'usersurname' => 'Surname', 'firmintername' => 'International name of the organization', 'ic' => 'VAT', 'dic' => 'VAT', 'firmaddress' => 'Address of the organization', 'firmpost' => 'Address for mailing address', 'userphone' => 'Phone', 'oldpass' => 'Current password', 'newpass' => 'New password', 'save' => 'Save', 'supported-formats' => 'Supported file formats', 'loading' => 'Loading', 'logo' => 'Company logo', 'upload-file-error' => 'No file was uploaded', 'load-logo' => 'Upload logo', 'spz' => 'Registration plate', 'driver' => 'Driver', 'carmarkyear' => 'Vehicle and year', 'speedlimit' => 'Speed limits', 'gts-service-in' => 'Service after', 'gts-stk' => 'TCF exp. in', 'gts-odo' => 'Mileage', 'gts-fuel-consumption' => 'Fuel consumption', 'gts-kmcost' => 'Cost of 1 km', 'tank' => 'Tank', 'startupload' => 'Upload file', 'remove?' => 'Do you really want to delete the record?', 'add_tank' => 'Add refueling', 'tank_date' => 'Date of refueling', 'fuel_type' => 'Fuel type', 'petrol' => 'Petrol', 'diesel' => 'Diesel', 'LPG' => 'Gas', 'count' => 'Count', 'vat' => 'VAT', 'total_inc_vat' => 'Total with VAT', 'tank_on_begin' => 'The initial state of the tank', 'date' => 'Date', 'price_per_l' => 'Price per liter', 'w_vat' => 'without VAT', 'inc_vat' => 'with VAT', 'total' => 'Total', 'before_in_tank' => 'In the tank was', 'tanked' => 'Fueled', 'now_in_tank' => 'Tank condition', 'middle_price' => 'Average price', 'conc' => 'Consumption', 'stop-from' => 'Parked on', 'gts-via' => 'after', 'notset' => 'not filled', 'change' => 'Change', 'carmark' => 'Vehicle', 'to_service' => 'Service after', 'fast_search' => 'Quick Search', 'record-removed-ok' => 'Entry was successfully removed', 'record-add-ok' => 'Entry was successfully added', 'airfilter' => 'Air filter', 'alternator' => 'Alternator', 'brake_pads' => 'Brake pads', 'brakes' => 'Brakes', 'cooling' => 'Cooling system', 'motor' => 'Engine', 'chasiss' => 'Suspension', 'transmission' => 'Transmission', 'tires' => 'Tires', 'add_service' => 'Add Service', 'service_date' => 'Date of service', 'doc_number' => 'Document number', 'comment' => 'Comment', 'price_inc_vat' => 'Price including VAT', 'service_name' => 'Autoservice\'s name', 'car' => 'Car', 'select-device' => 'Select device', 'date-from' => 'From', 'date-to' => 'To', 'generate' => 'Generate', 'nomove' => 'During this time the car was not moving', 'loggts' => 'History of motion', 'avg_speed' => 'Average speed', 'max_speed' => 'High speed', 'limit_speed' => 'Speed limit', 'avto-move' => 'Drive', 'avto-stop' => 'Stop', 'from_point' => 'Point of departure', 'to_point' => 'Point of arrival', 'ride_purpose' => 'Purpose of trip', 'nomoney-nohoney' => 'Insufficient funds in the account to connect this function', 'city' => 'City', 'create' => 'Create', 'add-data-ok' => 'Data successfully added', 'radius' => 'Radius', 'gts-schedule' => 'Notification', 'not_set' => 'Not specified', 'allcars' => 'All devices', 'move_msgs' => 'Incident report', 'from' => 'From', 'to' => 'To', 'day_1' => 'MON', 'day_2' => 'TUE', 'day_3' => 'WED', 'day_4' => 'THU', 'day_5' => 'FRI', 'day_6' => 'SAT', 'day_7' => 'SUN', 'car_in_move' => 'Device in motion', 'no_rows' => 'No records', 'sum_list' => 'General list', 'full_list' => 'Detailed list', 'cn' => 'Country', 'time' => 'Time', 'refunds' => 'Refunds', 'diets_footnote' => 'according to the law number 392/2012 (2015)', 'nosearch' => 'Nothing found', 'add_temp_gts_error' => 'Settings already established', 'add_temp_gts_ok' => 'Settings successfully created', 'created' => 'Created', 'device' => 'Devices', 'accesslink' => 'Link to access', 'open' => 'Open', 'copy-link' => 'Copy the link', 'copied' => 'Copied', 'show-on-map' => 'Show on map', 'name' => 'Name', 'address' => 'Address', 'work_date' => 'Date', 'visit_interval' => 'Interval', 'resp_person' => 'Responsible person', 'show' => 'Show', 'alert_for' => 'Remind', 'days' => 'days', 'cant_show_point' => 'You can not specify at this place.', 'movement' => 'Motion', 'hide' => 'hide', 'show_1' => 'show', 'stop-from' => 'Parking from', 'my_devices' => 'Devices', 'fullscreen' => 'Fullscreen', 'smallscreen' => 'Reduce', 'actualize' => 'Update status', 'change_device' => 'Change device', 'not_in_demo' => 'Not available in demo', 'dalay' => 'Zoom out', 'change_record' => 'Change record', 'mark_as_visited' => 'Mark attended', 'turn_on' => 'Turn on', 'turn_off' => 'Turn off', 'turned_off_buttons' => 'Unused buttons', 'map_0' => 'Map', 'map_1' => 'Terrain', 'map_2' => 'Satellite', 'map_3' => 'Satellite + labels', 'group_points' => 'Device groups', 'save_params' => 'Save options', 'yes' => 'Yes', 'no' => 'No', 'contacts' => 'Contact information', 'name_surname' => 'Name and surname', 'vat_1' => 'VAT', 'vat_2' => 'VAT', 'page' => 'Page', 'view_on' => 'Allow review', 'edit_on' => 'Allow edit', 'add_on' => 'Allow adding', 'tanking' => 'Refueling', 'servicing' => 'Service', 'no_signal' => 'No GPS or GSM signal from', 'firm' => 'Filrm', 'rm_device' => 'Remove device', 'add_device' => 'Add device', 'subusers_device' => 'Subusers\'s devices', 'stk' => 'TC', 'devices_in_move' => 'Devices in move', 'm1' => 'Jan', 'm2' => 'Feb', 'm3' => 'Mar', 'm4' => 'Apr', 'm5' => 'May', 'm6' => 'June', 'm7' => 'July', 'm8' => 'Aug', 'log' => 'History', 'm9' => 'Sept', 'm10' => 'Oct', 'm11' => 'Nov', 'm12' => 'Dec', 'traffic_congestion' => 'Traffic congestion', 'network_status' => 'Network status', 'start_move' => 'Departure', 'end_move' => 'Arrival', 'poi_visits' => 'Visit POI', 'organizer' => 'Planning calendar', 'all_services_ok' => 'All services are OK', 'upd_data' => 'Updating data', 'check_services' => 'Check services', 'devices_load' => 'Usage of equipment', 'devices_load_12h' => 'Usage of equipment for last 12 H', 'today' => 'Today', 'remove' => 'Delete', 'month' => 'Month', 'calendar' => 'Calendar', 'close' => 'Close', 'year' => 'Year', 'day' => 'Day', 'odo_today' => 'Total mileage today', 'device_list' => 'List of equipment', 'registration' => 'Registration', 'left' => 'Left', 'right' => 'Right', 'bottom' => 'Down', 'top' => 'Up', 'prior_3' => 'Important', 'prior_4' => 'Very important', 'prior_5' => 'Urgent', 'prior_1' => 'Unimportant', 'prior_2' => 'Normally', 'registered_user' => 'Registered user', 'birth_date' => 'Date of birth', 'yesterday' => 'Yesterday', 'req_status_1' => 'Approved', 'log_in' => 'Log in', 'end_loc' => 'Place of arrival', 'start_loc' => 'Place of departure', 'radary' => 'Radars', 'transparent' => 'Transparent', 'in_this_months' => 'Total mileage for this month', 'drivers' => 'Drivers', 'update' => 'Update', 'act_today' => 'Today\'s activity', 'act_yesterday' => 'Yesterday\'s activity', 'diff' => 'Difference', 'restore' => 'Refresh', 'reset_settings' => 'Restore settings', 'autoupdates' => 'Automatic updates', 'autobackup' => 'Automatic backup', 'colorscheme' => 'Color scheme', 'distance' => 'Distance', 'weather' => 'Weather', 'sidebar' => 'Navigation bar', 'sidebar_position' => 'Position of the bar ', 'sidebar_color' => 'The color of the bar', 'trip_time' => 'Driving time', 'export_pdf' => 'Export to PDF', 'export_xml' => 'Export to XML', 'export_xls' => 'Export to XLS', 'fak_email' => 'Billing e-mail', 'ur_loggedin_as' => 'You are logged in as', 'req_status_2' => 'Rejected', 'wheels' => 'Tires', 'suspension' => 'Chassis', 'engine' => 'Engine', 'cool' => 'Cooling system', 'air_filter' => 'Air filter', 'part_type' => 'Type of part', 'chose_part_type' => 'Select the type of part', 'old_work_was' => 'Last repair was made', 'next_work_will' => 'Next repair will be in ', 'type' => 'Type', 'odo_before' => 'Odometer from', 'odo_after' => 'Odometer to', 'old_service_km' => 'Service was performed on (km)', 'fut_service_km' => 'Service must be made at (km)', 'fut_service_date' => 'Service must be done about', 'add_fut_service' => 'Add regular service', 'service_perc' => '% wear on parts', 'logo_editor' => 'setting of logo', 'comm_phone' => 'Phone for communication', 'profile_editor' => 'Edit profile', 'change_key' => 'Change the key', 'show_stops' => 'Show the stopage', 'device_utilization' => 'Usage of cars', 'light' => 'Bright', 'stop_time' => 'Parking time', 'api_docs' => 'Documentation of API', 'your_api_key' => 'Your key to access the API', 'another_acc_logged_in' => 'You are logged in under a different account', 'create_key' => 'Create a key', 'req_status_0' => 'Pending', 'device_type' => 'Type of equipment', 'integration' => 'Integration', 'navigate' => 'Navigate', 'navigate_me' => 'Navigate to', 'total_odo' => 'Number of kilometers', 'dark' => 'Dark', 'autorization' => 'Authorization', 'crop' => 'Crop', 'devices_load_24h' => 'Usage of the device for yesterday', 'notify_and_alerts' => 'Notification and alert ', 'allowed_devices' => 'The device to which you have access', 'you_dont_have_key' => 'You do not have the key to access the API', 'can_login_toacc' => 'Access to your account has', 'act_clouds' => 'Current cloudy', 'status' => 'Status', 'info_act_ok' => 'The information has been successfully updated', 'header_color' => 'The header color', 'point_name' => 'Title of point', 'noname' => 'Untitled', 'motohours' => 'Motohours', 'my_requests' => 'My applications', 'tab_export' => 'Table / export', 'e-tacho' => 'E-tachograph', 'comp_map' => 'Comparative map', 'show_all_recs' => 'View all records', 'ridemap_log' => 'Recently viewed records', 'show_points' => 'Show points', 'in_this_months_odo_is' => 'This month, the average of miles per day', 'in_lash_months_odo_was' => 'Last month, the average mileage per day was', 'total_odo_m0' => 'Total mileage for this month is', 'fuel_costs' => 'The costs of fuel', 'nomove_short' => 'No movement', 'add_date' => 'Date added', 'event_name' => 'Name of event', 'equipment_msgs' => 'Messages from equipment', 'sw_ver' => 'Software version', 'tech_support' => 'Technical support', 'sending_support_req' => 'Send an authorized request', 'support_log' => 'History of authorized requests', 'send_ans_to' => 'Reply sent to e-mail', 'support_opt' => 'The requirement applies', 's1' => 'Display devices', 's3' => 'Driver ID', 's4' => 'Fuel', 's5' => 'Software', 's2' => 'Log book', 's6' => 'Technical question', 'support_text' => 'Text of requirement', 'send_req' => 'Send the request', 'qap_locked' => 'Locked: for unlocking drag the button to the right', 'qap_unlocked' => 'Unlocked : form can be submited', 'subject' => 'Subject', 'msg_sended' => 'The request was sent', 'send_comment' => 'Post a comment', 'comment_2' => 'Comment', 'payed' => 'Paid', 'add_user' => 'Add user', 'has_access_to' => 'has access to', 'has_no_access_to' => 'does not have access to', 'user' => 'User', 'notpayed' => 'Unpaid', 'my_pays' => 'My payments', 'purse_add' => 'Top up any amount between 500 and 10000 czech crown', 'purse_status' => 'Account balance', 'pass_difficulty' => 'Password complexity', 'map_opts' => 'Configure the map display', 'last_seen' => 'Last accessed', 'purse_added' => ' Recharge your account', 'has_no_login' => 'The name is available for registration', 'has_login' => 'The name is already in use', 'error' => 'Error', 'validating' => 'Validation', 'dear_customer' => 'Dear Customer', 'mail_user_add_7' => 'Thank you for using GPS Lokace', 'mail_user_add_9' => 'Support team of Lokace', 'req_field' => 'Required field', 'register' => 'Sign up', 'must_be_6plus' => 'Minimum 6 characters in length', 'middle_pass' => 'Good', 'strong_pass' => 'Strong', 'addsubuser_ok' => 'The user was successfully created', 'mail_user_add_5' => 'Your username', 'mail_user_add_head' => 'Registration to GPS Lokace. User name', 'mail_user_add_1' => 'You just created a user account on GPS Lokace', 'yourIP' => 'Your IP', 'lostpwd?' => 'Forgot your password?', 'visit_count' => 'Number of visits', 'active_driver' => 'Driver is active', 'add_driver' => 'New driver', 'unavailable' => 'Not in use', 'd1' => 'Monday', 'd2' => 'Tuesday', 'without_pass' => 'Without password', 'repeat1' => 'Daily', 'reports' => 'Reports', 'fleet' => 'Fleet', 'coming_soon' => 'soon', 'repeat2' => 'Weekly', 'link' => 'Link', 'congrat' => 'Congratulations!', 'd3' => 'Wednesday', 'open_msgs' => 'Open messages', 'on_your_req' => 'Based on your request from', 'msg_1' => 'message', 'msg_2' => 'messages', 'msg_3' => 'messages', 'favourite_places' => 'Favorite places', 'temp_access' => 'Temporary access', 'temperature_sensors' => 'Temperature sensors', 'duration' => 'Duration', 'repeat3' => 'Monthly', 'utilities' => 'Options', 'lock_unlock' => 'Open / close', 'hello' => 'Hello', 'driver_licence_num' => 'Driver\'s license', 'open_other_msgs' => 'Read more news', 'poiOne' => 'POI', 'poiStatus4' => 'Arrived later', 'poiStatus2' => 'Task completed', 'poiStatus3' => 'Task failed', 'do_time' => 'Time to done', 'd7' => 'Sunday', 'available' => 'Available', 'repeat' => 'Repeat', 'select_devs' => 'Select the device', 'd4' => 'Thursday', 'd5' => 'Friday', 'd6' => 'Saturday', 'repeat0' => 'Without repeat', 'work_time' => 'Working hours', 'from_ip' => 'Create from IP address', 'fuel_cond' => 'Tank level', 'start_datetime' => 'Starts on ', 'no_devs' => 'No device', 'driver_cats' => 'Driver\'s category', 'days_of_week' => 'Days of the week', 'new_func_under_construction' => 'We are preparing new functions, and they soon will be available to you

For several months working hard on a brand new version of GPS LogisticMaps, which will soon start a whole. At present the system is under test, which means that they can discover some errors and inconsistencies.

New GPS LogisticMaps bring many novelties. User interface transmits a new graphic design that will operate modern and organized. Above all, however, the system will bring a lot of new and very useful features that have no equivalent in other systems.

We appreciate your opinion because of your ideas, comments or questions are welcome and that you can write us an email or request direct technical support - software section.

We hope you will enjoy the new system. More news will not disclose yet (there are of course a lot). Coming soon.

Your GPS LogisticMaps', 'payed_for' => 'Paid to', 'mail_user_add_2' => 'This email is to confirm the email address provided during registration of your account', 'mail_user_add_8' => 'Best regards', 'restore_pwd' => 'Password reset', 'no_news' => 'No new messages', 'user_log_descr' => 'Displays a list of all your activities in the system', 'purse_descr' => 'Status and credit recharge', 'api_descr' => 'Access to the data using the API for your application', 'subusers_descr' => 'Establishment of permanent access to the system', 'devices_load_descr' => 'Using the device for the last 12 hours', 'mail_user_add_3' => 'For successful completion of registration and set up your account, click on the link below', 'mail_user_add_4' => 'Complete the registration GPS LogisticMaps', 'sending_pwd' => 'We send you a new password', 'formula_concumption' => 'Fuel / Km x 100', 'reg_email' => 'User e-mail', 'reports_descr' => 'Daily, weekly and monthly reports printouts with the option to automatically send to email', 'api_text_9' => 'Speed', 'poiStatus1' => 'On the spot', 'start_stop_descr' => 'The beginning and end of working hours', 'allowedIP' => 'Permitted IP', 'mail_user_add_6' => 'ATTENTION! Registration and authorization does not oblige you to pay for subscription services of GPS LogisticMaps.', 'mail_user_add_10' => 'Please do not reply to this email, it is generated automatically', 'more' => 'More', 'dear_msmrs' => 'Dear Sir or Madam,', 'overspeed_duration' => 'Time of overspeeding', 'fuel_type_and_price' => 'Type of fuel and the price for 1l', 'integration_descr' => 'Auto-login and system synchronization', 'options_descr' => 'Allows you to change the look of the map and display device group', 'account_descr' => 'Allows you to change or add information of the company, company logo, password', 'fleet_descr' => 'Comprehensive analysis of the costs associated with the operation of the fleet', 'spedition_descr' => 'Planning, directing and controlling logistic processes', 'eco_drive_descr' => 'Displays events and reviews driving style', 'calendar_descr' => 'Enables the scheduling task in conjunction with the device or driver', 'poi_descr' => 'Adding custom point of interest with the possibility of monitoring attendance POI', 'borders_descr' => 'Automatic monitoring of arrival and departure of your equipment to designated areas', 'lock_unlock_descr' => 'The number of opening and closing doors', 'temperature_sensors_descr' => 'Statistics of temperature sensors', 'fuel_cond_descr' => 'Status fuel in the tank of equipment', 'favourite_places_descr' => 'The most visited places of equipment', 'where_sleep_descr' => 'Night localization of the devices', 'fill_descr' => 'History of refueling', 'overspeed_descr' => 'Statistics of overspeeding', 'motohours_descr' => 'Statistics of motohours', 'e-tacho_descr' => 'Operating mode in graphic form', 'total_odo_descr' => 'Total mileage for a certain period', 'add_device_descr' => 'Add new device to the system', 'tempaccess_descr' => 'Temporary access to equipment', 'ride_cnt' => 'Number of trips', 'backup_data' => 'Data backup', 'access_blocked' => 'Suspension of service', 'show-on-map_descr' => 'Displays your device on a map', 'device_list_descr' => 'List of equipment, editing equipment and advanced features', 'access_nomoney_3' => 'Providing services is automatically renewed after 1 calendar days after crediting the amount due on account of the provider', 'api_text_10' => 'Last data transfer from the device', 'lostpwdok' => 'Verification was successful. The password will be send to e-mail.', 'lostpwderr' => 'Authentication failed. Check the accuracy of the data.', 'allowed_all' => 'Allowed all IP addresses', 'access_nomoney_5' => 'Provider is not liable for resulting damages or losses incurred by customers due to a suspension of service', 'subcategory' => 'Subcategory', 'tab_export_descr' => 'Logbookie of your device with data export', 'show-on-map-ui_descr' => 'Displays the history of the movement of your device on a map', 'access_nomoney_4' => 'All settings are retained Services. You can not use the Service only', 'access_nomoney_1' => 'The service is suspended due to non-payment of debts of the Customer duly and timely', 'access_nomoney_2' => 'Service suspended until payment of the total amount due for this Service', 'spedition' => 'Forwarding', 'llbe_changed_to' => 'Will be changed to', 'your_login_data' => 'Your login information', 'lostpwd_msg1' => 'These access data use to access the Customer Centre GPS LogisticMaps (https://gps.Lokace.eu) and for communicate with customer support.', 'where_sleep' => 'Locate of device at the night', 'add-data-error' => 'Error: The record was not saved', 'no_supported_devs' => 'Your device does not support this feature', 'click_to_stk' => 'Click to view technical inspection stations', 'send_link_to_mail' => 'Send link to e-mail', 'link_dates' => 'Validity of the link', 'tempacc_msg2' => 'Your access to the system.', 'api_text_1' => 'The requirements for the API data is performed at', 'session_expired' => 'You are inactive for too long. For security reasons, your account has been logout from the system.', 'session_expired_in10min' => 'For security reasons, your account will be logged out in 10 minutes.', 'tempacc_msg1' => 'You recieved the temporary access at gps.Lokace.eu', 'other' => 'Other', 'indicative_price' => 'Approximately price', 'wrong_lp' => 'Please check your username and password', 'plz-control-data' => 'Make sure all required fields are filled in correctly', 'tempacc_msg3' => 'If the system require a password, please contact the company or person that you allow temporary access', 'api_text_4' => 'To change the format json response to add the variable & format = json to the query', 'api_text_5' => 'Automatically get answers from all devices simultaneously. If you require a specific device, use a variable & id = DEVICE_ID if you want just a device from the list, separated by commas device ID & id = DEVICE_ID1, DEVICE_ID2', 'api_text_6' => 'To view additional parameters, use the variable & inf = PARAM, enter the variables that need. Those with a comma. & inf = param1, param2', 'fill_control_data' => 'Incorrect information or tanked 2 times in a row', 'api_text_2' => 'To obtain the coordinates of the current query, use the following address', 'api_text_3' => 'On your question to get the answer in XML latest coordinates (lat, lng) vehicle registration number (license plate) and nickname (nick) of all your devices.', 'CNG' => 'CNG', 'E85' => 'Biofuel', 'addsubuser_err' => 'An error was occupied during adding of subuser', 'consumed' => 'Consumption', 'by_tp' => 'According to registration certificate', 'service_descr' => 'History of service ', 'no_rows_for_params' => 'There are no records for your request.', 'api_text_7' => 'Actual status of mileage', 'api_text_8' => 'Device direction', 'drivers_descr' => 'Working hours and trip purposes of drivers', 'diets_descr' => 'Time spent abroad', 'no_devs_inmove' => 'No movement', 'def_ride_purpose' => 'Default purpose of the trip', 'drivenkm' => 'Traveled distance', 'chose_cats' => 'Select driver\'s license', 'after' => 'after', 'old_ver' => 'Previous version 2.0', 'no_driver' => 'No driver', 'new_m' => 'New', 'new_f' => 'New', 'template' => 'Template', 'import' => 'Import', 'template_name' => 'Template name', 'select_file' => 'Select file', 'diet1' => '5 - 12 hous', 'diet2' => 'More than 12, but less then 18 hours', 'diet3' => 'More then 18 hours', 'map_points' => 'Points on the map', 'fill_datetime' => 'Date and time of refueling', 'fuel_card' => 'Fuel card', 'driver_key' => 'Login key', 'from_to_point' => 'Place of departure and arrival', 'import_ok' => 'Import was successful', 'fill_card_num' => 'Petrol card number', 'rows_count' => 'Number of records', 'fill_count' => 'Number of liters', 'prompt_cpid' => 'Enter the number of the document', 'document_print_1' => 'The document is ready for printing', 'report_msg_1' => 'Regular reports according to your parameters are generated. Reports are available for download at the links below.', 'files' => 'Files', 'remote_suppport' => 'Remote support', 'access_nomoney_6' => 'If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the billing department fakturace@Lokace.eu', 'direction_pointer' => 'Indicator direction of movement', 'speed_stat' => 'Statistics speeds', 'api' => 'API', 'start_stop' => 'Start / Stop', 'speed' => 'Speed', 'acs-1-2' => 'To edit', 'acs-2-0' => 'To edit', 'acs-1-1' => 'To view', 'acs-1-0' => 'To view', 'acs-0' => 'Has no access', 'acs-1' => 'Has access', 'acs-2' => 'Has access', 'section' => 'Section', 'ridemapui' => 'Show on map', 'ridemappdf' => 'Table / export', ); ?> GPS UniverzalJH

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